Brazil Tourist Visa requirements

New Brazilian Tourist Visa Regulations

Unfortunately the new Brazilian government has decided to return with the demand for a tourist visa for citizens from the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. This requirement takes effect from October 1st 2023.

What photo equipment to bring to the Pantanal?

Checklist of recommended photography gear to bring to a trip to the Pantanal. Bringing the right equipment is of fundamental importance for the success of the trip, while also considering weight and volume limitations.

Patagonia Clothing Checklist

What to wear for a Patagonia trip? What's the clothing checklist for a trip to Torres del Paine? On this post I will cover the best clothing checklist for our Puma trips during all times of the year.

Pantanal Clothing Checklist

One of the main doubts of my first-time clients for a trip to the Pantanal is which clothes to bring. Most bring a whole lot more than what is needed, and a lot of things just go completely unused during the trip, just making up weight on your luggage. So this blog post brings a checklist of what I recommend.

When is the best time to visit the Pantanal?

What is the best time of the year to go to the Pantanal for a photo tour? This is a common doubt of first-time visitors. On this blog post I will try to give our impressions on each time of the year, but first it's important to consider that…

Puma photo trips – what to expect during the Winter?

Weather is known to be harsh in Patagonia, and that is usually the truth, specially to someone more used to the tropics like me. Even during the warmer months it can still be very cold in certain conditions and very, very windy, but is it super cold during the winter?