What is the maximum number of participants?

Our fixed-departure trips are all for a max of 6 people. We prefer to work with small groups for photo trips as this maximizes our photo opportunities and allow us to give better personal attention to each guest.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

Yes, we work with 2 as a minimum for our fixed-departure tours, unless mentioned otherwise on the tour page. In not reaching that number we contact the participants to offer a small party supplement so we can still make the trip. Custom tours, of course, don’t have a minimum number of people.

Are the trips suitable for non-photographer companions as well?

Absolutely, we receive non-photographers companions all the time and, as long as they also enjoy nature, they always have a great time. That being said, it’s important to mention that as a photo tour we strive to make the best photos, and that means sometimes staying at the same place for hours, so non-photographers will have to be patient with this.

Are the trips suitable for children?

It depends, but for most cases I’d say no. If it’s an older chidren that has a strong interest on wildlife and nature photography than ok, but otherwise it’s really more difficult because we stay out long hours, often waiting in silence for a Jaguar to wake up or something like that, sometimes under the heat of the sun or with insects. So it’s not a kind of trip I reccommend for children.

Is there a minnimum age for your fixed departure tours?

Yes, the minnimum age is 14 years old. Guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Is crime an issue in the areas we visit?

No, the areas we visit, as well the lodges, are all safe. Of course, at the airports or other public areas normal care of your belongings is advised.

What level of photography expertise is required or recommended?

Every photographer will enjoy our trips, from the absolute begginer to the very experienced. Even if you have a very small experience and need technical help I will be there to help you and assist in varied situations so you won’t miss the shot.

What other photography assistance do you provide?

Probably one of the most importat is to put you on the right place at the right time. Finding good light and good situations is 80% of wildlife photography, only the other 30% is technique and equipment. This includes technical assistance, insights into new or alternative techniques (like off camera flash), composition ideas, image critiques at the end of the day, image editing tips, etc.

I will arrive in São Paulo a day before our tour starts. Is there a list of recommended hotels near the airport?

Yes, please check this page: https://pantanalphototours.com/hotels-in-sao-paulo

Are we visiting areas that are considered dangerous for tropical diseases?

Generally speaking, no. The Pantanal is not considered a dangerous area for tropical diseases like yellow fever or zika. Malaria is absent from the Pantanal or any other areas we visit during our fixed departure tours.

Is there any vaccination needed?

While it’s not required, it’s probably a good idea to have yellow fever vaccination. If you often travel for wildlife photography you should already have it anyway, as this is reccomended for a lot of African countries. This vaccine is valid for 10 years or for life, depending on which type you got.

After Covid-19, we are also requiring that all tour participants have Covid vaccination.

What kind of biting insects should we find?

Mostly just “regular” mosquitoes and, sometimes, horseflies. Some repellent, long pants and trousers are enough to keep them away. During the warmer hours mosquitoes are rarely a problem.

Is it safe to eat at our lodges and hotels?

Yes it’s safe to eat every food, including salads, which are in some cases cultivated organically at the lodge gardens and washed properly.

What are the cancellation policies?

In general we do not offer any cancellation refunds, so we highly reccomend our guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance. The only situations where we refund is when we have to cancel the trip for whatever reason.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What payment options do you offer?

International wire transfer or credit card. Credit card payments are made through PayPal with the addition of a 10% fee.

Are tips included on the tour price?

No, as we think this is more personal. Tips are definetely expected for local guides, boat drivers and bus drivers and it can be given in brazilian reais, dollars or euros. Before your trip we will send a detailed PDF with recommendations for each trip, including tipping amounts.

What clothes do you recommend for a Patagonia tour?

Please check our blog post on clothing recommendations.

I’m worried about the walking and hiking, how bad is it?

Because we use 4×4’s, most of the walking and hiking that was done in the past is history. We often take the cars very close to where the puma is, and you only need to walk to get a better angle and such. Sometimes, though, the puma may be located at a spot the cars can’t access, and then we must walk a bit, often in relatively steep terrain.

What is the terrain like?

Mostly it’s of very low to knee high vegetation and some rocks. At the bottom of valleys there might be boggy areas, so a waterproof boot is recommended. During the Winter there can be snow on the ground, but it’s almost never deep, just superficial. Vegetation is spiky, so good quality tough pants are recommended.

What photography gear do you recommend for a Pantanal tour?

Please check our blog post with details on photography gear.

What clothes do you recommend for a Pantanal tour?

Please check our blog post with details on clothing and packing for a Pantanal tour.

What kind of weather can I expect in the Pantanal?

Please check our blog post with detailed weather description for each time of the year.

What kind of biting insects should we find?

Mostly just “regular” mosquitos and, sometimes, horseflies. Some repellent, long pants and trousers are enough to keep them away. During the warmer hours mosquitos are rarely a problem. The dry season in the Pantanal has relatively few mosquitos.

What kind of airplanes are used for the domestic flights?

All domestic flights during our Pantanal itineraries are with modern jet planes, like Boeing 737 and Airbus A320. For our chartered flights for the Complete Pantanal Tours we use airplanes like Cessna 182, Cessna 206 and whenever possible Cessna Caravan, which is more spacious.

What are the power outlets in Brazil?

It’s 3 holes, but regular 2-round pins work. Usually 110v but sometimes 220v as well. We provide plug adapters for everyone if needed.