Founder and guide

Born in São Paulo in 1979, Octavio now lives with Larissa at Ilhabela, on the coast of the state and amid the Atlantic Rainforest. Octavio has been guiding tours since 2001, first for fly fishing in the Amazon Rainforest. At 2008 he started to guide only photography and birdwatching tours, focusing on the Pantanal and the Atlantic Rainforest. He was among the first ones to guide specialized photo tours for Jaguars in the Pantanal. His photos have been published widely, including at National Geographic. In 2014 he published a book with text and photos about the Atlantic Rainforest most untouched areas.

Octavio’s deep-rooted fascination and dedication to the natural world has given him a diverse portfolio of photographic skills, and he uses his intimate knowledge of camera function to bring out the best in his guests photographs and experiences.



Partner and guide

Born and raised in North Pantanal in 1989, Larissa started guiding natural history tours at a very early age. As a teenager she was trained as a guide in one of the most famous lodges of the Pantanal, where she learned guiding skills and different languages: english, french and spanish. Later on she led tours all over Brazil and abroad, giving her a huge experience in the industry. Her professional skills and keen senses for locating Jaguars, allied with her deeply charismatic and high spirits essence, provides an unique experience for her guests.


Guilherme Ortiz


Guide and administration

Born in Campinas in 1985, Guilherme is a Biologist with Master degree in Zoology on bird behavior area, and specialized in environmental management. He is also fully experienced in wildlife and ancient art photography, with photos published in national and internacional publications and rewarded on local and national photography contests.

As a Octavio partner since the beginning, he accompanied him in the firsts expeditions into the Brazilian remote spots, including on his most important project, a photographic book, made inside untouchable areas of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest. 

He have been working on animal behavior research and wildlife management since 2010. As a professional guide, he can share his knowledge of natural history and photography, bring to his guests the best records as possible. 



Reservations and administration

Born and living in Cuiabá, near the Pantanal, Leticia, Larissa’s sister, works in the administration of the tours, responsible for hotel, transfers and other services reservations, among other things.